Top 7 Tips for Clean Dog Ears

By: Anushka Jha

Regularly examine your dog's ears for any signs of dirt, redness, or unusual odor. Early detection is key to preventing ear problems.


Use vet-recommended ear cleaners to gently remove dirt and wax buildup. Be cautious not to insert anything deep into the ear canal.

Gentle Cleaning

Establish a routine for cleaning your dog's ears. Consistency helps in preventing issues and ensures your dog's ears stay healthy.

Regularity Matters

Keep your dog's ears dry, especially after baths or swimming. Moisture can lead to bacterial and yeast infections.

Avoid Moisture

During water activities, consider using dog-friendly ear protection to prevent water from entering the ears.

Ear Protection

Schedule regular veterinary checkups to monitor your dog's ear health and address any concerns promptly.

Professional Checkups

Reward your pup with dental treats that promote good oral and ear hygiene. Choose treats with natural cleaning properties.

Healthy Treats

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