Top 7 Largest Bird Species in the World

By: Anushka Jha

Albatrosses, with wingspans up to 11 feet, dominate the skies. These ocean wanderers exhibit unparalleled grace in flight.  


Ostriches, Earth's largest flightless birds, stand tall at 9 feet. Their speed and agility make them fascinating creatures of the savannah.  


 Emus, native to Australia, reach heights of 6.5 feet. These runners possess a distinctive appearance and are integral to Australian culture.  


Cassowaries, known for their vivid colors and formidable stature, stand at 6.6 feet. Found in the rainforests, they are a symbol of biodiversity.  


The Andean Condor, with a wingspan of up to 10.5 feet, reigns over the Andes Mountains. This majestic bird symbolizes power and freedom.  

Andean Condor

Kori Bustards, Africa's heaviest flying birds, boast impressive sizes of 4 feet. Their courtship displays are a sight to behold on the savannah.  

Kori Bustard

 Great Bustards, spanning 3.5 feet, epitomize European grasslands' beauty and diversity. Witness their elegant movements and distinctive calls.  

Great Bustard

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