Top 7 Facts about Pelicans

By: Anushka Jha

 Pelicans are known for their large, pouched bills, which they use to scoop up fish and water from the surface with remarkable precision.


These birds are commonly found along coastlines, estuaries, and large bodies of water, where they can easily hunt for fish in shallow waters.


 Pelicans are skilled hunters, using their keen eyesight to spot prey underwater before diving from great heights to catch fish in their pouches.


Pelicans often gather in large groups, cooperating to herd fish into shallow waters before scooping them up in synchronized feeding frenzies.


During breeding season, pelicans form colonies on islands or secluded beaches, where they build nests from sticks and other materials.


Contempt their resilience, pelican populations face threats from habitat loss, pollution, and fishing nets, necessitating conservation efforts to safeguard their future.

Protected Species

Pelicans have evolved unique adaptations for their aquatic lifestyle, including waterproof feathers, webbed feet, and an expandable throat pouch for efficient feeding.


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