Top 7 Facts about Jacanas

By: Anushka Jha

Jacanas are commonly found in tropical and subtropical regions, inhabiting marshes, ponds, and shallow lakes with abundant vegetation.


These birds have long toes and sharp claws that enable them to walk on floating vegetation while foraging for insects, small fish, and seeds.


Jacanas build floating nests among dense vegetation, with both male and female sharing the responsibility of incubating eggs and caring for the young.


During breeding season, male jacanas take on the primary role of caring for the chicks, while females may mate with multiple partners.


Jacanas are known for their aggressive territorial behavior, often defending their nesting sites against intruders, including larger birds.


Their unique anatomy, including their long toes and sharp claws, is a remarkable adaptation that allows jacanas to thrive in their watery habitats.


While jacanas are not currently considered threatened, they are vulnerable to habitat loss and degradation, emphasizing the need for wetland conservation efforts.

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