Top 7 Facts about Coots

By: Anushka Jha

Coots are commonly found in freshwater habitats such as lakes, ponds, and marshes, where they thrive among dense vegetation.


These birds are omnivorous, feeding on a varied diet that includes aquatic plants, insects, small fish, and seeds.


Coots build floating nests among reeds and other aquatic vegetation, providing a safe haven for their eggs and young.


During breeding season, coots engage in elaborate courtship displays, including synchronized swimming and vocalizations.


Both parents play an active role in raising their chicks, providing them with food and protection until they are independent.


While some coot populations are sedentary, others undertake seasonal migrations to find suitable breeding and wintering grounds.


Coots face threats from habitat loss, pollution, and hunting, highlighting the importance of conservation efforts to protect these magnetic waterbirds.

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