Top 7 Facts about Chickadees

By: Anushka Jha

Robins are small songbirds with distinctive orange-red breasts, gray-brown backs, and white eye rings, making them easily recognizable.


These birds are adaptable and can be found in various habitats, including gardens, woodlands, parks, and urban areas, where they forage for food.


Robins have a diverse diet, feeding on insects, worms, fruits, and berries, using their sharp bills to probe and extract prey from the ground.


Robins build cup-shaped nests out of grass, twigs, and mud, often nestled in shrubs or trees, where they raise their young.


Robins are known for their cheerful and melodious song, which signals the arrival of spring and serves as territorial communication.


While some robins are year-round residents, others migrate south for the winter, traveling in flocks to warmer regions.


Robins are social birds, often seen foraging and nesting in groups, but they can also be territorial and defend their feeding and breeding territories.


Top 7 Facts about Robins