Top 7 Bird Species That Can Dive Underwater

By: Anushka Jha

Penguins, masters of the depths, utilize their streamlined bodies to glide effortlessly through the water, hunting for fish with precision.


Gannets, with their keen eyesight, perform stunning high-speed dives, piercing the water to catch fish from great heights.


 Cormorants, known for their remarkable diving abilities, use their strong wings to propel themselves underwater in search of prey.


Puffins, with their distinctive beaks, plunge into the ocean to catch small fish, showcasing agile swimming skills.


Kingfishers, famous for their vibrant plumage, dive gracefully into water bodies, snatching fish with remarkable accuracy.


Pelicans, with their large pouches, plunge into the water, scooping up fish in a swift and efficient manner.


Anhingas, also known as snakebirds, dive and swim underwater to spear fish with their sharp beaks, displaying incredible hunting prowess.


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