The Silver Coinage of Russia 1801-1805

By: Anushka Jha

Alexander I ascended to the throne of Russia in 1801, succeeding his father, Paul I, amidst political turmoil and tragic circumstances.


The coronation of Alexander I in September 1801 was commemorated with special silver jetons and large coronation medals.


Under Alexander's rule, the design of Russian silver coins evolved, influenced by political alliances and changing mint practices.


The design of Russian silver coins during Alexander's reign reflected a blend of mystical and religious symbolism. 


Chief Engraver Carl Leberecht played a significant role in creating patterns for Russian silver coins, though his designs varied in quality and reception.


The use of mintmarks such as SPB and BM distinguished Russian silver coins minted in St. Petersburg, reflecting the evolving numismatic landscape of the era.


The silver coinage of Russia from 1801 to 1805 left a lasting legacy, showcasing the political, economic, and artistic developments of the time. 


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