Story of the Famed 1893-O Barber Dime

By: Mobin

The 1893-O Barber dime is a famous key date that numismatists have prized over the years for its low mintage and scarcity.

Famous Rarity

Struck at the New Orleans Mint, only 300,000 examples of the 1893-O dime were made before the facility abruptly shut down that year.  

New Orleans Mint 

With so few coins struck and the humid climate, very few 1893-O dimes survived in high grades over the decades.

Little Survival Rate

Until recent times, numismatists were unaware of any examples that merited the elite MS-68PL grade classification. 

Well Kept Secrets

When numismatic legend Stewart Blay revealed an MS-68PL example, it created major waves in the coin collecting community.  

Blay Specimen 

Blay's 1893-O recently sold at auction for $140,625, setting a new world record price paid for the date/grade. 

Record Price Set 

Decades from now, the special Blay 1893-O dime will still be remembered for its numismatic significance.  

Enduring Legacy

Stewart Blay Collection Nears $5 Million at Auction