Stewart Blay Collection Nears $5 Million at Auction

By: Mobin

Stewart Blay's incredible coin collection has sold for close to $5 million more in Part 2 of the GreatCollections auction event.

Blay Auctio

An 1856 Flying Eagle cent and 1877 Indian cent graded MS-66+ each sold for over $340k, setting new world records.  

Rare Coin Records

An 1893-O Barber dime in top grade MS-68PL commanded $140k, while a 1955 Lincoln cent doubled die hit $123k.

Barber Rarities

Over 16,000 bids were placed on the 673 graded rare coins that were up for auction from Blay's personal collection.

16k Bids Received

Stewart Blay was a legendary NYC numismatist and sculptor who spent 50 years assembling the sets of top condition coins.

Honoring a Legend

Blay's Lincoln cents were sold earlier this year by GreatCollections for over $7.7 million, also record numbers.  

Lincoln Cents Too

Experts say the Blay pedigree will hold an elite status for generations as one of the all-time greatest coin collections.

Timeless Pedigree

Presidential Silver Medal Honoring Rutherford B. Hayes