Rare Proof-Only 1866 Seated Liberty Half Dollar

By: Mobin

Unlike other dates, no 1866 circulation strikes were made for the half dollar, making proofs the only 1866 Seated Liberty mintage.   

 Proof Issue

During 1866, the "In God We Trust" motto was added to the reverse, making the no motto 1866 half unique in the series. 

Transition Year   

Proofs were exclusive collector sets until the late 1800s, giving the 1866 Seated proof a high perceived rarity.

Early Proofs

Records indicate roughly 50 proof examples were struck of the rare date 1866 Liberty Seated 50 cent coins.  

Just 50 Minted

Today, experts estimate only about 10-12 authenticated proof examples survive of this one-year type.

Major Rarity  

When available, the 1866 proof historically sells at auction for over $100,000 even in impaired proof grades.

 Six Figure Value

Many theories attempt to explain the unusual origin of this proof-only half dollar issue.   

Intriguing Backstory 

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