History of 1855-S Indian Head $3 Gold Coin

By: Mobin

Just 6,600 examples of the1855-S Indian Head $3 were made, with a precious few still known today.  

Small Output

The coins were struck in San Francisco to serve growing commerce during the famed California Gold Rush.

Gold Rush Era  

The distinctive Indian Head portrayal was the work of artist George Teener Hubbard featuring a princess headband motif.  

Teener Design 

Estimates suggest only around 100 authenticated survivors remain of the rare 1855-S $3 issue.

Low Survivors 

Any example grading AU or Mint State carries exceptional value and would be prized by collectors.  

Condition Rarity

Even in lower grades, the 1855-S Indian Head $3 sells for over $100,000 when offered at major auction houses.  


Tiny surviving populations make the 1855-S a legendary key date three dollar gold coin.

 Key Date Gold  

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