Extremely Rare 1795 Jefferson Head Cent

By: Mobin

The 1795 Jefferson Head large copper cent is an exceptionally rare variety of early US penny distinguished by its unique Jefferson design. 

1795 Jefferson Head

These cents were privately produced to win a coinage contract but weren't official US mint issues. Only a tiny number of specimens exist today.  


Featuring Jefferson on the obverse and a plain smooth edge with no lettering, these large cents are distinctly different from regular 1795 Liberty Head cents.


The Jefferson Head 1795 large copper penny is minted from 100% copper with a diameter spanning 29 mm and weighs 13.48 grams.

Metal Composition  

Given their extreme rarity, Jefferson Head 1795 large cents trade for over $25,000 in G-4 condition, soaring over $100k in higher grades.

Scarcity & Value

Coin values range widely from $25k in Good-4 grade, $45k in VG-8 and over $175k if graded Extremely Fine-40 condition.  

Grading Scale

These special large cent varieties occasionally appear at major coin auctions and are prized by early coppers collectors and numismatists.

Where to Find 

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