7 Tips for Keeping Your Bird’s Feathers Healthy

By: Anushka Jha

Check a balanced diet rich in vitamins & minerals to maintain feather health. Seeds, fruits, and veggies are key.


Adequate hydration is crucial. Provide fresh water daily to keep feathers supple and vibrant.


Encourage bathing to remove dirt and debris. Use lukewarm water and a shallow dish for a refreshing splash.

Regular Baths

Keep your bird away from cigarette smoke, aerosols, and other pollutants that can damage feathers.

Avoid Toxins

Allow access to natural sunlight for Vitamin D synthesis, essential for healthy feathers and overall well-being.

Natural Sunlight

Regularly groom your bird to remove loose feathers and prevent matting, promoting healthy feather growth.


Schedule regular check-ups with an avian vet to catch any feather-related issues early on.

Vet Check-ups

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