2024 American Innovative Dollar Designs

By: Mobin

The United States Mint reveals captivating images of the 2024 American Innovation dollars, showcasing significant achievements from various states.


Each dollar coin highlights remarkable milestones, including the invention of the steel plow, the Saturn V rocket's development.


From Illinois to Missouri, the coins portray iconic figures and innovations, honoring the diverse contributions of each state to American progress.


Launched in 2018, the multi-year series commemorates innovation nationwide, featuring unique designs for every state and U.S. territory.

Series Overview

The U.S. Mint will release rolls and bags of Illinois dollars on Jan. 25, with additional products for other states to follow throughout the year.

Release Schedule

Detailed descriptions accompany each coin, highlighting the intricate artwork and symbolism behind the innovative designs.

Design Details


With compelling imagery and historical significance, the 2024 American Innovation dollars are sure to captivate coin enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Collectors' Delight

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