1964 Lincoln Penny Value Breakdown 

By: Mobin

1964 proof and mint state prices listed for grades from PR/MS-63 up to PR/MS-67. Finest known specimens also shown.

Graded Prices

The 1964-D is the only US coin from 1964 bearing a mint mark. Prices shown for top graded examples up to MS-67.

 Key Dates  

Complete value breakdown for 1964 Proof Lincoln cents graded PR-64 and higher. Auction records and populations shown.

Lincoln Values 

he 1964 SMS coins were never issued. Less than 50 full sets likely remain. Values range from $1500 in SP-61 up to $27,500 for SP-68.  


The 1964 DDR Lincoln cent variety carries a small premium for the doubled lettering on reverse. Much more common than many doubled dies.


Off-center, broadstruck errors can carry significant premiums depending on the visual appeal. Evaluate on a case-by-case basis.

Error Coin

1964 Lincoln cents contain 95% copper, 5% zinc & tin. At $4.50 per pound copper value, each 1964 cent has a melt value around 2.3 cents.

Melt Value

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