1905 Indian Head Penny Price Guide

By: Mobin

The most valuable 1905 pennies earn high Mint State grades. A MS-67 Red penny sold for $19,975 at auction.

Top Grades 

Only 2,152 proof 1905 pennies were made. A PR-67 Red example sold for $11,750.  

Proof Coins

Coins are graded on a 1-70 scale. Uncirculated start at MS-60 up to perfect at MS-70.

Grading Scale

Indian Head pennies are graded as Red, Red-Brown, and Brown. Red coins with original luster are most valued.

Color Designations   

The popular DDR #21 doubled die reverse Indian Head penny commands a premium over regular coins.  

Major Variety

Valuable errors include off-center and double strikes. A 1905 struck in gold sold for over $100k.

Error Coins

With over 80 million made, the 1905 is common. 1907 pennies had the highest mintage at 108 million.  


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