1860-O New Orleans Mint Gold Double Eagle History 

By: Mobin

The 1860-O Coronet Head double eagle stands out as a rare New Orleans Mint issue with an intriguing backstory. 

1860-O Coronet

Low original mintage of just 27,200 pieces. Most melted down long ago. Numismatic experts estimate only 100-150 coins exist today.

Rarity Details 

Struck before the outbreak of the American Civil War at the New Orleans Mint. Shipped north to avoid seizure by Confederate forces.  


Confirm New Orleans "O" mintmark, correct style lettering, dentils, date position. Compare to verified images online or in books.


Can trade for over $175,000 in pristine grade. Typical value in Very Fine is around $25,000. Condition is most important.

Value Factors

Beware of counterfeits. Secure certified and graded examples from top services like PCGS and NGC to ensure authenticity.

Collecting Tips

Other key dates in Coronet double eagle series include 1861-S, 1870-CC, 1875-CC, 1877-CC, 1879-CC and 1887-S. 

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