1827 Capped Bust Quarters: The Rare Original 25c Coin

By: Mobin

The 1827 Capped Bust Quarter with the curled base 2 in the 25c denomination is an extremely rare and valuable original mint variety.

Rare Original

The more common 1827 variety quarters have a square base 2 in 25c instead of the rarer curled 2. This is known as the restrike version.

Restrike Variety

The Capped Bust Quarter was designed by prolific early US coin designer John Reich. The obverse features a bust of Lady Liberty wearing a cap.


These large early quarters contained 89% silver giving them high intrinsic value. This also makes them more prone to wear over almost 2 centuries.


The diameter of 27mm and weight of 6.74 grams were typical dimensions for early American quarter dollars minted until the mid 1800s.


The 1827 quarters were minted solely at the Philadelphia Mint. As a result, they lack a mint mark. The original had tiny mintage of just 4,000 pieces.  


Due to age and rarity, most surviving examples grade G-4 through EF-40 condition. Higher grades are exceptionally scarce.

 Grading Scale

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