1796 Turban Head $2.50 Gold Quarter Eagle

By: Mobin

Struck for just one year, the 1796 marked the first date of issue for the scarce Turban Head Quarter Eagle series.  

First Year 

The production used an early Draped Bust design by prominent early mint engraver Robert Scot, later reworked into the Turban Head motif.

Robert Scot   

Only 963 examples were minted of this inaugural  Quarter Eagle issue according to surviving documents. 

Low Output

Today it's estimated that only around 60-75 authenticated survivors exist, rating the issue as an R.7 rarity per Sheldon Scale.

Major Rarity

In upper grades like MS63 or MS64, the 1796 Turban Head $2.50 commands auction prices over $100,000

Six Figure Value  

Lasting just one year, the 1796 Quarter Eagle stands alone as its own unique one-year gold type coin.

One Year Type

The stars featured on the obverse make this 1796 Turban Head variant highly desired by variety specialists.  

Starred Variety 

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